The West Crete holidays guide

Find the right place for your holidays in western Crete

Why West Crete?

Crete is a large island and what you do and see of it will depend very much on where you are staying on the island. The North coast is far more developed touristically than the South, the East more developed than the West.
If you want large resorts with plenty of nightlife, head for the areas east of Heraklion.
If you are looking for more sedate holidays but still prefer to be close to towns and tourist resorts, the north-west might be a good choice.
Most of the South of Crete is less developed than the North, consisting of small villages and it is generally more attractive to independent holiday makers. The West, especially the South-west has more dramatic landscapes and, getting more rain in the winter months than the East, is also greener.

How to use this guide?

Not everyone wants the same from their holidays and someone's perfect place is always someone else's hell. Save yourself painful mistakes and check out what is hidden behind place names in holidays brochures.
The aim of this guide is to give you an overview of what you can expect to find where. If you think that a resort or a village might be the right place for your holidays you will find relevant links (if they exist) for more in-depth information.


The guide is divided in two sections:

  • general information about Crete located in the menu on your left. This will provide you with the basic information on the island of Crete as well as links to follow if you want to know more.
  • specific information about every place located by the sea (with at least some tourist facilities). By clicking on "Resorts" or using the links below you access the navigation and can look up each of these places.