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Location of Kalives


Kalives is a real village, not just a tourist invention and this is part of the charm of the place. The countryside around Kalives is one of the greenest in Crete and the backdrop of the White Mountains is beautiful.

 Getting there

Kalives is located about 20 km east of Hania. Frequent public transport along the national road but the bus will let you off about 1 km away from the village. If you don't want to walk there are also several buses a day from the centre of the village to Hania.


There can be a lot of tourists but Kalives remains a laid-back place.


Plenty to choose from, from hotels to rooms, studios and apartments.
Find accommodation in Kalives


Kalives has a good choice of small restaurants.


You can find most things that you might need in the village.


A few bars and there might be a disco running in the summer.


Excellent sandy beaches. The eastern beach is the most popular because it is in the village. The western beach is very quiet and about one km away from the village.

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